Press launch

Our expertise is based on three pillars : an innovative concept,
a route adapted to the new product and an impeccable organization.



Back to back, at a unique destination for the day
and or night(s).

A roadshow, to go where the journalists can meet us. The perfect solution with the current situation.

Maximize the investment by using the weekend for a special influencers program.


The routes
Our technical knowledge as well as experience allows us to build routes which show case the vehicle capabilities.
If authorizations are required to get to that special location or creating an artificial track, that is our bread and butter.
Whatever the destination, we have the solution!

Finding the perfect destination is where our strength lies as we are constantly looking for new ideas, concepts and experiences.
We have a nose for finding that unusual place such as a hotel never used before by journalists.
A specialized and certified team guarantees the right road, off-road or circuit test-drives



We assure the complete maintenance of the vehicle fleet with our own technical workshop and cleaning equipment.

Special App to manage the press vehicles, attendee lists as well as test-drive monitoring.

Agility is the key to our success, everything is possible anywhere, anytime !