4X4 INEOS Grenadier test

Oct 2021 | News

4X4 INEOS Grenadier test


What is the origin of the INEOS Grenadier?

With the opportunity at hand to test the INEOS Grenadier 4×4, we look back at its history. Although it was originally designed for military use, its name is not related in the slightest. The name, in fact, came from a meeting in a London pub… Le Grenadier. The HQ of the billionaire, Jim Ratcliffe, was used as a “baptismal name” for our INEOS Grenadier. This Defender fan, and owner of the second ever produced by Land Rover, wanted to create a Defender in his own image. His idea? To focus on what made Land Rover so successful; its robust basics of injecting the best of today’s complementary technologies. The mechanics are provided by BMW and its B57 and B58 engines.

An INEOS Grenadier Customer Trial4X4 INEOS Grenadier test


Marakanda, specialised in automotive press launches and customer trials, was appointed to organise the first trial of the INEOS Grenadier 4×4 prototype. This was a test tour for future INEOS Grenadier buyers and resellers. The highly qualified level of Marakanda’s all-terrain staff allowed for the success of this operation. The event consisted in organising a test drive of the INEOS Grenadier 4×4 prototype, which turned out to be a delicate operation.

The technical staff created temporary tracks lasting 10/15 mins in just 24/48 hours, on these 2 French events:

  • The all-terrain show at the end of August in Valloire
  • The all-terrain show in Hambach at the Raymond Bard Center

And also in Spain:4X4 INEOS Grenadier test

  • 1 week in Madrid at “Monte de Cutamilla”
  • 1 week in Barcelona in Sigüenza, Finca Cutamillas

How does one organise a 4×4 customer test?

Contact the Marakanda agency now! A project manager as well as a technical manager will be dedicated to your project. After analysing the characteristics of your vehicle, a 4×4 track will be created accordingly. This track will demonstrate the technical performance of your 4×4. In France or abroad, in the desert or in the mountains, Marakanda manages your entire journey. From the logistics of your vehicles and the transfer of your guests to accommodation and entertainment. Marakanda, the vehicle customer testing solution.4X4 INEOS Grenadier test