How to organize your annual convention?

Aug 2022 | News

How to organize your annual convention?

A company convention is an annual meeting, which allows you to gather all your employees. To present the results of your company or to motivate your teams. How to organize your annual convention?

This kind of event is often organized in two steps: meeting, then cocktail or party. Usually, the employees continue to exchange while working around workshops.

How to make your annual convention a success?

How to organize your annual convention?

For the first FORD TRUCKS FRANCE convention, to “Le Castellet”. For the first stage of the French Truck Championship, the teams of Ford Trucks lived a unique professional experience. 3 days and 2 evenings of exchange, sports competition, and team challenges.

How to organize your annual convention? The importance of staging
A good presentation matters. You already know your company’s data and your job. However, the proper dissemination of information deserves special attention. At MARAKANDA, we take special care in branding your convention hall.
How to organize your annual convention?
For this FORD TRUCKS FRANCE event, we illuminated the room with FORD’s blue and orange. These warm colors, arranged around the presentation desk, create a sense of closeness between the speakers and the audience.

For branding, an XXL photocall was placed at the entrance of the room. Finally, to better introduce their ambassador, a silhouette of Sébastien Chabal was set up for the convention.

Create the surprise!How to organize your annual convention?
After presenting the new teams, network and performances for 2 hours, surprise them! Being focused for more than 2 hours can be tedious for your employees. Don’t hesitate to make it an event they won’t forget. For the FORD TRUCKS FRANCE annual convention, we brought to life the partnership with Sébastien Chabal. To everyone’s surprise, one of France’s favorite sportsmen came in from the back of the room. This surprising intervention, simple and in relation to the image of the truck manufacturer and its’ personality. A very nice moment that gave a boost to the day, creating the link with the activity part of the event.

Motor sports, at the heart of the FORD TRUCKS FRANCE annual convention
A company is also a community. This is all the more true for our truck manufacturer. That’s why the choice of the “Grand Prix Camions du Castellet” appeared very quickly. Lunch on the privatized rooftop while watching the truck races. A day that will remain engraved in the memory of the FORD TRUCKS teams. But the event did not stop there. After a nice lunch break, we organized for our #BigTeamFordTrucks a Karting challenge. Speed, laughter, emotions. This sporty and fun activity allowed distributors from all over the country to get to know each other.

To spice up the challenge, our participants faced a Sébastien Chabal more competitive than ever.

If you can, giving a gift that will remain engraved in the collective memory of the company will better the experience even more. After the convention, 4-star free time. At MARAKANDA, we believe that an annual convention is truly effective when after the time for formal exchanges, the fun comes in. That’s why we privatized a VIP room for the whole FORD TRUCKS FRANCE team. During the whole weekend, they watched the Grand Prix Camion du Castellet. A panoramic view of the circuit with its private terrace. A premium catering that was served in the VIP room.

This first annual convention was a success for the members of the management team and for all the distributors.
In conclusion, the organization of an annual convention is a point that should not be neglected. To make your convention a success, you need to take some time to think about it. By doing so, you will succeed in organizing an exceptional event!

Make an appointment with our team now, and let’s organize your next annual convention together.