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For the European Press Launch of the new Lexus-LX, our MARAKANDA team organised one of the most complete and most beautiful operations.

A complete consultation

One year ago, LEXUS approached us as part of a call for tenders for the press launch of the LX. The initial request was ambitious, firstly because we had to promote the exceptional technical capabilities of the LX. We were also interviewed on our ability to imagine and to manage the hospitality side of the operation under the strict sanitary conditions at the time. Lastly, we were to design and manage the visual identity at each point of the event.LAUNCH PRESS LEXUS LX

The Lexus LX Press Launch: what organisation did this entail?

Head for Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. From mapping out the route, on and off-road, to the daily preparation of the vehicles. From airport logistics to transfers, all of our agency’s expertise in automotive press launches was put to use. The LEXUS brand, by virtue of its status alone had to make this press launch a high-end event. The first step in our process was to identify the hotels and restaurants worthy of the guests. All of this, close to the route criss-crossing the most beautiful spots in Georgia. Our main objective at every automotive press launch is to create a unique experience. A rich moment in the discovery of rare natural sites, aboard exceptional vehicles.

To carry out this mission, we were able to count on our address book of local consultants available all over the world. Our local referent helped us to map out an extraordinary course.

Everything had to be mastered almost one year before the event:

– weather conditions

– road conditions and their ability to push the Lexus LX to the maximum of its capabilitiesFearsome logistics

When we set up an automotive event, a whole well-oiled logistic ensues. The MARAKANDA solution is a fully equipped container:

– cleaning materiel

– furniture

– office supplies

– IT

– communication

– mechanical

This solution, and our expertise in administrative customs procedures allows us to set up your event in any country.

The Lexus LX Press Launch: in detail?

D-Day, here we are ready to welcome our distinguished guests and journalists for an automotive press launch which will go down in history. Our staff consists in a general manager, an airport manager, a master list manager, a F&B manager, a back-office manager, is busy with the arrival of guests in Tbilisi. After inviting our guests to a cocktail party in one of the prestigious lounges at the STAMBA hotel, dressed in the colours of the opertaion, it’s time for the presentation evening. The entire programme for the three days is presented to the press. An automotive press launch aboard the Lexus LX, which will take our guests to unknown places, even to our local journalists.

In terms of the vehicle, we put together a driving team consisting of seven 4×4 specialists who were present at the different technical/strategic points of the route. And we must not forget our cleaning team who prepared and enhanced the vehicles every day.

An Event Ran By MARAKANDA: total inclusion

It is important for us to adhere to the working style and culture of the host country.

This expertise also passes through a local guide who, aside the automobile dimension of this event, is able to immerse us into this Georgian adventure. In addition, communication with our partners and local journalists is always better received when we speak the same language.The Lexus LX Press Launch: a success

In total, eight groups of around 15 journalists/bloggers/influencers from different countries met over for a period of three weeks. One container, a team of around 20 people, 6 test vehicles and ultimately, an experience which will have contributed to the success of the latest launch of the Lexus LX.

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