the client-supplier relationship by Marakanda

Jun 2021 | News

At Marakanda, the client-supplier relationship is extremely important

Our agency is in constant research of the most effective procedures, in order to enhance the client-supplier relationship. We are seeking to establish a mutual trust, in total transparency to understand all the steps of the organization before, during and after the event. Continuous information exchange is an essential basis for relationships between business partners. Everyone benefits, it’s a win-win situation.

Marakanda, in constant research of improvement

Honesty is our guideline, it’s part of our DNA. Our agency listens to all our clients, each one of our collaborations is a rewarding process, thanks to the experience it gives us. We learn every time, we take the inspiration from the working methods, without preconceptions or prejudices. We have the chance to work with the Toyota Motor Europe teams, which is an amazing opportunity. Indeed, by working for them, we had the privilege to integrate a very enriching managerial approach: the Kaizen method.

KaizenMarakanda and the Kaizen method

We’ve been able to greatly improve our customer relationship, strongly inspiring ourselves from this procedure used by our Japanese client. We therefore took the time to observe how they were proceeding, by small successive steps. Indeed, progressivity is the keyword, as we refine each day a particular detail. It is thus a real continuous improvement that is aimed at, by perfecting everything that can optimize the company’s operation. How to reduce waste, how to increase productivity while lowering the level of risk. These are some of the areas we have been able to work on thanks to this new management philosophy.

Marakanda, a very well experienced agency whiling to serve you

We had to be very nimble to meet our deadlines and commitments in a Covid environment. Thanks to flexibility and adaptability entirely at the service of our clients, this unexpected constraint was overcome by our teams. Our vision of the client-supplier relationship helped us find adapted solutions for each case, by listening to their new demands. We also took this time to train our employees to this new sanitary situation, always with a view to the total satisfaction of our business partners.